Bárbara Ariño

Barbara Arriño, Abogada en CEL Abogados, Barcelona


Specialized in Civil and Commercial Law

Professional Profile

Barbara’s professional work focuses on all aspects of civil and commercial contracting for businesses. She is also a key member of the team of lawyers who work on civil cases, undertaking the legal defence of clients before all levels of the civil and commercial judicial system.

She regularly contributes to a variety of articles related to civil law, and she is deputy editor of an influential legal journal.

Teaching and Publications

Barbara has contributed to a range of legal works (breviaries) by Don Manuel Faus (Public Notary), which are currently published through the e-platform VLEX. Since 2011, she has edited copy, updated legal content and, together with the author, created the first draft of various articles on civil contracts, horizontal property and real rights.

In particular, she has collaborated on articles addressing the following issues:

Civil contracts: gambling and betting; Obligations of the seller: duty to deliver a property free from any defects or encumbrances in the context of eviction; Duty to fix hidden defects; Deposit agreements; Consumer loan contracts; Loan-for-use contracts; Works contracts; Service contracts; Leases regulated by the Spanish Civil Code; Mandate contracts; Brokering and mediation contracts; Partnership deeds; Deposits: general norms; Multiple guarantors; Engagement, arbitration and mediation; Unjust enrichment; Remote contracting through electronic media; Agency without specific authorization; Improper payment; Extra-contractual liability; Civil liability; Strict liability.

Mortgage and registry law: Structural encroachments: uneven property divisions in apartment blocks.

Real rights: Ground-level pollutant concentration in Catalonia.

Since July 2011, Barbara has been deputy editor of the supplement of the journal Economist & Jurist, Catalonia edition.

Academic Educations and Associations

  • 2005. Course on International Criminal Law and Minority Rights at the University of Nijmegen (the Netherlands).
  • 2006. Graduated in Law from Universidad de Barcelona.
  • 2007. Courses on Real Estate Valuations and Construction at Escuela de Práctica Inmobiliaria.
  • 2008. Master’s in Law from Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía.
  • Member of the Bar nº 33.688, Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona.