Civil Law and Property Law

The firm’s lawyers in this field are recognised specialists with excellent track records. Several of them are university professors and the authors of important publications on the subject of civil law.CEL’s lawyers who work in the Department of Civil Law have a special interest in all matters related to the person and therefore, in all aspects related to the defence of individual interests.They are also deeply interested in Property Law and its underlying principles of economic public order: notably, private property and its social function, private initiative and economic freedom, the commutative nature of transactions, good faith and legal certainty.Within these areas, our lawyers are vitally committed to the following issues:

Marital status, its certification and defence in public registry matters.
The defence of missing persons.
Missing persons reports and death in absentia declarations.
Personal rights and their legal protection. The founding, management and processing of associations and foundations, and providing legal advice on same. Subjective rights: acquisition, limits and termination. Statutes of limitations and expiry.
Issues related to international private law and interregional Spanish law.
Providing legal advice and defence for all the aforementioned areas in the context of current Spanish civil-judicial legislation.
Rescisión por lesión property transfer annulments.
Leasing procedures for urban and countryside property.
Liability. Consumer and user protection.
Founding, managing and administrating all types of jointly owned entities.
Timeshares. Real estate complexes. Withdrawal hearings.
Division and liquidation of personal and company property.
Actions in rem. Property registrations.
Ownership proceedings. Lien release proceedings.
Appeals against the decisions of registrars.
Providing legal advice on how to obtain, manage and submit all the various types of public documents that can be presented or registered at Land Registries anywhere in Spanish territory.
Mortgages and mortgage procedures. Subrogation and modification of mortgages.