Civil Liability and Insurance law

The advent of mandatory insurance, the growth of the insurance industry in sectors such as civil liability, and the inertia of the insurance system itself have all led the firm to set up a department dedicated to this field.Our lawyers specialised in Civil Liability and Insurance Law boast a wealth of in-court experience in this field. They have also handled a great many cases that have been resolved without arriving at litigation. Experience has proven that the fastest and most effective way of reaching a solution is when transactions are the result of rigorous study, a close examination of concrete expert evidence, and well-prepared negotiation, all while furnishing our clients with direct, immediate and comprehensive information.Our procedural framework unfolds largely within the civil courts, but cases may arise in the criminal, social or administrative systems. In all cases, we call upon interdepartmental collaboration and legal specialists in each relevant field. All issues involve teamwork; strategies are formulated in meetings and departmental working groups, and clients are kept informed of the results.We advise and engage in the following matters:

Civil liability in road accidents or other types of accident.
Defective products provided by commercial businesses, medical services or other professionals.
Civil liability in the fields of new technologies, financial and investment services, the transportation of people or goods, the environment, teaching centres, minors, animals, family, etc.
Advice for industrial and service companies on insurance contract underwriting and contents; liability and waiver clauses for suppliers, importers and exporters. Contracting and guidance on credit and suretyship insurance.
Advice for companies and individuals on insurance law. Mediation rights and obligations. The establishment of insurance entities. Guidance and consultancy services for insurance companies on contracting, service management, and the legal and financial handling of accidents.
Undertaking legal proceedings to defend the liabilities of insurance companies and their policyholders. Pursuing claims, actions for recovery, and the collection of judicial and extrajudicial debts.