Criminal liability of legal persons (companies, foundations, associations, etc.) introduced by the reform of the Criminal Code in 2010 and confirmed by the reform of 2015 has led to a change in the area of corporate criminal law, so this leads that the companies understand ever more the importance of implementing an adequate risk management policy adapted to the principles of good corporate governance and business ethic.

We respond to clients’ needs offering advice to all types of companies, foundations and associations in the creation and improvement of their internal procedures for the evaluation, detection and prevention of legal risks of all kinds (in particular of criminal risks), designing compliance systems that includes the necessary compliance measures to minimize legal risks in general, and criminal risks, in particular, as well as other harmful risks to legal persons, such as reputational risk.

We advise our clients from the beginning of the implementation of compliance system to the training of employees and management positions in this subject. We also advice the monitoring body in the execution of their task, as well as in the creation of whistleblowing systems as a preventive measure of risks.

We also offer advice to foreign companies that need to adapt their internal procedures and protocols to Spanish criminal regulations.