Corporate and Commercial Law

Here at CEL, we employ professionals with a high level of technical expertise in corporate and commercial law. The experience of our team of lawyers in this department enables us to advise and engage in drawing up and negotiating all types of contract, no matter how complex. Our main aim is always to give our clients the best possible advice. Our lawyers also act as company legal advisers and board secretaries, helping to design and structure a wide variety of business operations. They pay particular attention to finding legal solutions that achieve the highest levels of business efficiency and effectiveness.Examples of their activities include:

General legal advice for commercial entities and decision-making, administrative and managerial bodies. Book-keeping and accountancy. Preparing financial statements. Providing support for auditing activities. Convening meetings, undertaking company secretary duties and providing assistance.
Mergers and acquisitions.
Legal advice for manufacturing, selling and distributing products.
Company leasing.
Capital increases and/or reductions, divisions of companies, and the global assignment of assets and liabilities.
Commercial, agency, distribution and supply contracts.
Service, production, corner and shop-in-shop franchises.
Joint ventures.
Sale, purchase and leasing of companies.
Joint accounts.
Brand merchandising.
Advice on all types of commercial contracts subject to Spanish, EU or international law.
Credit claims.