Criminal Law

The firm’s criminal law experts are highly specialised and boast a wealth of experience in defending the interests of our clients, both natural and legal persons, in all areas and jurisdictions of Spanish, European and international criminal law. They provide key preventative pre-trial advice and they design the most advantageous trial strategy to obtain the best outcome for the case.Criminal law functions as a last resort: it is the system that is turned to when all other branches of our judicial system have failed to provide a legal solution to a conflict. This characteristic arises from the minimum intervention principle underlying our legislative system, and because of the ensuing close connection that all other branches of law have with criminal law, we create multidisciplinary teams that enable us to carry out the best analysis, execution and resolution of the complex legal problems that present themselves.We also provide corporate clients with comprehensive defence against the criminal risks a company can face. In addition to traditional defence techniques and strategies, we also use international tools such as compliance programmes and corporate integral investigations, which optimise criminal risk management. We complement these tools with a multi-jurisdictional analysis for companies, external criminal legal advice for Boards of Directors, criminal risk prevention for companies and forensic defence in criminal proceedings.Areas of specialisation:

Crimes against the person (murder, actual bodily harm, genetic manipulation, crimes against moral integrity, torture, illegal detention; threats, coercion, sexual assault and abuse, sexual harassment; insult, libel, disclosure of secrets; domestic violence, non compliance with family court rulings).
Crimes against property and legal economic activity (petty theft, robbery, fraud, scams, double sale, misappropriation, falsification, concealment of property, bankruptcy fraud, fraudulent insolvency proceedings).
Corporate crimes (managerial fraud, improper management, false accounting), and tax and fiscal criminal law (crimes against public finances and social security, offences related to public subsidies, offences against the interests of the European Union, money-laundering).
Criminal law related to markets and consumers (financial fraud, bribery and corruption amongst individuals, unfair competition, intellectual property and copyright, protection of company secrets, consumer and user protection).
Criminal law related to urban development and the environment (crimes of illegal urbanisation and construction processes, crimes against land use management, misuse of natural resources, air and land pollution, noise pollution and crimes against the protection of flora, fauna and domestic animals).
Health and safety offences, injury and death sustained through work-related accidents in construction and/or other business activity; professional misconduct (in the manufacture and distribution of industrial products, medical and healthcare-related negligence, road safety).
In the light of the gradual standardisation of European criminal law, the firm’s department offers specialised services for defence against European Arrest Warrants, European orders freezing property and European Evidence Warrants. We also address and defend pre-trial criminal issues before the European Court of Justice, and we coordinate defence through other proceedings through the European Union system.
In the realm of international criminal law, we act as defence in extradition proceedings before the Spanish courts, coordinating defence in various jurisdictions and compiling reports as experts on Spanish criminal law for legal proceedings outside our jurisdiction.