Our employment lawyers engage in negotiating and drawing up all types of employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements and company agreements, as well as drawing up and terminating contracts. We provide our clients with legal advice to help them defend redundancy agreements or navigate labour inspection proceedings.We also take part in all legal proceedings before Social Courts, the Chamber for Social and Labour Matters of the High Court of Justice, the Spanish High Court, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.Our lawyers are most often involved in the following matters:

Continuous labour-law advice for companies.
The drawing up and revision of contracts.
Regulations, collective bargaining agreements and business agreements.
Labour inspections.
Redundancy procedures.
Individual and collective dismissals.
Reduction of collective working hours.
Temporary suspension of employment contracts.
Administrative and judicial appeals.
Social security debts.
Proceedings at the Labour Relations Office.
Advice on collective bargaining.
Work health and safety regulations.
Wage and social security management.