Family and Inheritance

Our team of professionals working in this area offer comprehensive advice on resolving family conflicts caused by the breakdown of marriage or civil partnership. They conduct negotiations, draw up separation agreements with personal and economic provisions, and defend the interests of clients in the event of litigation.For issues of personal legal capacity, our lawyers intervene in legal proceedings requesting declarations of incapacity and the appointment of legal guardians. They also follow up on the various types of conflict that may arise once a guardian has been named.In terms of prevention, our team tackle inheritance matters by providing advice and assistance planning wills (including taxation issues), adhering strictly to the client’s wishes regarding the distribution of the inheritance. We also take care of all procedures surrounding the execution of wills, resolving any conflicts that may arise between inheritors. In the event of litigation, we defend clients in legal proceedings so that their inheritance rights are protected.Specifically, we provide the following services:

Drawing up pre-nuptial agreements and marriage contracts.
Negotiating and drawing up separation agreements.
Divorces and contentious custody cases.
Marriage settlements.
Contesting paternity.
Changing provisions made through separation and/or divorce proceedings.
Executing separation, divorce and custody rulings.
Declarations of incapacity and the appointment of legal guardians.
Presenting legal guardian accounts.
Assistance in drawing up wills and inheritance contracts.
Ab intestate inheritance certificates.
Claims of inheritance and/or legal heir rights.
Contesting wills and testamentary provisions.
Notarising holographic wills, codicils and testaments.
Division of estates.
Cuarta falcidia and trebeliánica claims.
Inheritance rights for civil partnerships.