Industrial Property

In today’s world, the management of intangible assets has become a determining factor in the success of a business; in many cases, it represents an essential part of the capital of a company.The firm helps companies to manage these assets effectively, in order to strengthen them, safeguard them from loss or theft, and protect them from damage.Our services in this field include:

Processing trademarks and company names.
Registering industrial designs.
Registering domain names.
Civil and criminal legal defence services for trademark infringements: asserting ownership, applying for annulment or expiry, requesting the cessation of activities that violate trademark rights, petitioning for compensation for damages, and requesting the adoption of measures necessary to avoid further violation of trademark rights.
Drawing up all types of contracts related to intellectual property, such as contracts transferring intellectual property rights, licencing contracts, chattel mortgage contracts, merchandising contracts, trademark coexistence agreements, authorizations to use intellectual property, etc.
Trademark and know-how licence agreements.
Patents and utility models.