Our professionals provide advice and guidance to business owners who face cash-flow problems or financial distress. They carry out an exhaustive situation analysis in order to evaluate and advise on the various alternatives offered by existing legislation. This assessment includes analysing all factors that could impact on the ensuing crisis, such as employment, fiscal, financial and supplier-related liabilities.Our lawyers also defend clients in insolvency-related legal proceedings before Commercial Courts and all other types of court that may be involved, in order to provide a comprehensive consultancy service in this area.The team of lawyers in charge of this department take particular care of the following issues:

Pre-insolvency evaluations.
Assessment of company director liability.
Preparation of agreements with creditors.
Redundancy schemes.
Advice during liquidation proceedings.
Restructuring debt.
Acceptance of and intervention in insolvency proceedings brought before Commercial Courts.
In general, all legal procedures related to insolvency proceedings.