International Business Development

This department has evolved to give our clients legal support in positioning their goods or services in emerging markets, wherever they seek to launch or expand their business. To do this, we study the profile, size, type of product or service and the potential of each company. We then select the most geographically attractive markets for them to launch their operations, identifying the best ways to access these markets and providing our clients with all the necessary contacts to give them support on the ground.We know that an excellent product or service cannot be successful in every market, and that the international development of a business cannot simply be limited to exporting goods or services from the country of origin. At the same time, many countries offer a wide range of advantages to help establish stable manufacturing activities with meaningful reductions in production costs, all without compromising the quality and value of the end product. It is safe to say that there will soon be few companies able to survive financially without extending their activities abroad.With this in mind, our activity covers a whole range of issues, including:

Selecting the geographical markets best suited to developing our clients’ business on an international scale.
Researching and applying for any aid, subsidies and relief available for the exportation and/or introduction of a specific business activity in the target market.
Creating new companies, affiliates, branches, agencies or delegations where the activity is to take place.
Providing clients with contacts in the target market, thereby assuring them constant legal advice on the particular legal, economic, fiscal and administrative characteristics of the target market.
Preparing, formalising and supervising all business tasks needed to start a manufacturing activity or sell a product.
Monitoring the client’s chosen activity, from preparation to consolidation.