Litigation and Arbitration

Our team of litigators provide legal advice and engage in all types of controversy and dispute at all levels of the judicial system. This legal practice involves an in-depth analysis of the dispute, not simply from a judicial point of view, but also from an extrajudicial perspective, with a view to reaching an agreement outside the courts, if possible. If this is not possible, we tackle the issue with a multidisciplinary team of lawyers specialised in the relevant fields.Several of our professionals have also served as arbitrators at the Barcelona Arbitration Court or as privately appointed arbitrators, giving them broad experience in this field.Matters addressed by the team include:

Contractual liability in default of civil or commercial contracts.
Non-contractual liability.
Administrator liability, and lifting the veil proceedings.
Defective products.
Trademark or intellectual property disputes.
Corporate actions.
Corporate litigation.
Hidden defects in sales transactions.
Defects in construction and urban development.
Urban leases.
Claims for payment.
Payment order proceedings.
Foreign exchange proceedings.
Pre-trial proceedings.
Precautionary measures.
Execution of court orders.
Embargos and auctions.
Division of inheritance.
Contesting provisions in wills.
Protecting honour, privacy and self-image.
Insolvency proceedings.
Arbitral proceedings and settlements.
Recognition of foreign judicial rulings.