Real State

The magnitude of real estate and construction law, together with the technical specialisation it demands, has led us to create a department dedicated exclusively to these issues. The department seeks to give our clients excellent comprehensive legal advice on varied and vital subjects such as buying and selling property, leasing houses and commercial premises, building contracts (real estate), submitting claims for building defects, negotiating and cancelling mortgage guarantees, and horizontal property issues involving owners’ associations.The professionals working in this department boast an excellent reputation in the field. Several of them are members of large national and international associations and bodies related to real estate and construction, which means they are constantly up to date on the many and substantial changes that are being introduced in this area.The department is responsible for a wealth of publications that have received public recognition in legal circles. Their works include manuals, monographs, commentaries on laws and academic papers.Similarly, the department also has professionals specialised both in legal advice and in the preparation, drawing up and negotiation of contracts and other documents, such as those related to litigation and arbitration.The lawyers in this department combine an in-depth knowledge of the theory of real estate law – which has led them to lecture on a multitude of national and international courses and conferences – with highly reputable practical experience.Examples of some of the key activities carried out by the Real Estate and Construction Law Department include:

Setting up private real estate complexes.
Providing legal advice for contracting, developing and executing public and private works.
Drawing up, revising and updating contracts.
Drawing up declarations, deeds, statutes and regulations.
Land and development swaps.
Purchase options.
Organising and managing sales (estate agent).
Providing legal advice on building permits, horizontal ownership and urban leasing, and building maintenance, rehabilitation and demolition.
Damage and deposit insurance.
Liability of building agents.
Defects and hidden defects.
Technical building requirements.
Quality control bodies.