Taxation and Accountancy

The professionals who work in the Fiscal and Tax Law Department provide comprehensive legal advice on the various taxes, contributions and fees levied by the Spanish State, Spanish Autonomous Communities and local bodies. We also give our clients permanent, constant support to help them optimize their resources, designing innovative solutions to contribution issues. In order to give companies a 360-degree service, our tax-law specialists work with a team of accountancy experts to meet all business and commerce needs.We also have proven experience in defending contentious fiscal issues, appearing before all administrative bodies and courts with the clear objective of providing the best possible defence.Our services include:

Fiscal advice for companies and individuals.
Analysis of the fiscal implications of any of the client’s financial operations or planned operations.
Fiscal advice on closing and calculating tax declarations for corporation tax, VAT, etc.
Advice on restructuring or company acquisition processes.
Tax infringements and penalties.
Advice in the event of tax authority inspections.
Fiscal planning.
Auditing and accountancy.
Submitting and following up administrative, financial and litigation proceedings.