The Environment

The firm employs highly reputable specialists in an area of increasing importance for companies: the environment. These specialists concentrate their efforts on the following issues:

Legal advice on environmental management for companies and administrative bodies at all levels. Representation before the courts.
Legal advice on civil and environmental liability (related to the new legislation on environmental liability for businesses) for companies and administrative bodies at all levels.
Legal advice for companies on the legal and technical procedures surrounding environmental permits under the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Law and the Integrated Pollution Intervention Law (LIIAA Cataluña), as well as legal and technical processes for environmental impact assessments for projects, plans and programmes.
Procedural and technical guidance for companies on the environmental audits for ISO 14001, the EU’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMA), and the EU organic logo, awarded by Spain’s Autonomous Communities. This service includes verification issues, adherence to the system, and IRCA certification. Legal and technical advice for companies on presenting annual accounts at the Commercial Registers; preparing and managing drafts.
Guidance on the legal and technical aspects of the Royal Decree on Potentially Polluting Activities. Certificates or declarations of polluted ground and procedures to cancel declarations of polluted ground. Registration and cancellation in Land Registries.
Legal and technical advice for companies and relevant administrative bodies on the Royal Decree on Emissions Trading (to cut emissions of the six gases identified in the Kyoto Protocol as causing climate change), including adapting the law to networks and the new market opportunities represented by trading platforms, emission markets, negotiations with government on the Spanish National Quota Plan, and preparing emissions statements. Project management identification, preparation and evaluation in the context of the Clean Development Mechanism, emission reduction certificates and the joint implementation mechanism to compensate for emissions produced in Spain. Matters related to European Community on the running of national emission allowance registries.
Legal and technical advice for companies and administrative bodies at all levels on managing solid urban waste, industrial waste and dangerous waste. Preparing studies and innovative management plans for industrial estates; the exchange of industrial waste as raw material for other production industries. Industrial ecology assessments.
Legal and technical advice for companies and administrative bodies on energy and environmental management.
Legal and technical advice for administrative bodies on identifying, preparing and applying economic instruments for environmental management, including environmental taxation and all institutional economic matters concerning the environment and sustainability.
Legal advice for companies and administrative bodies on identifying, applying for and managing subsidies offered through the European Community’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the Spanish state, CCAA, and provincial and municipal bodies, in support of R+D and technological innovation.
Guidance for administrative bodies and companies on the legal and technical issues surrounding territorial management, urban development and the environment. Advice on registering environmental issues and information at Land Registries.
Guidance on environmental pressure indexes for businesses, and studies on environmental and sustainability indicators.
Organising and preparing conferences, courses, seminars and workshops for administrative bodies at all levels and for companies, covering all the abovementioned legal and technical environmental management and sustainability issues. Training events addressing judicial and management matters related to the environment, the institutional economy and sustainable development.
Preparing articles and attending forums, seminars, interviews and conferences in institutions and companies on environmental and sustainability issues.
Participating in national and international associations and organisations related to the environment and sustainability. Preparing and publishing articles in technical and legal publications. Participating in national forums (Congreso Nacional de Medio Ambiente) and in those held by the European Union and international bodies (International Association for Impact Assessment, etc.) on environmental and sustainability issues.